3 books to share with your little princess

It is said that a book proves that magic exists: among its pages full of drawings and words we find stories that transport us to unforgettable places. On International Book Day we invite you to learn about three books to share with your the little princess.

Have you ever seen a bunny rabbit in a jacket who adores buttered toasts? A rogue little mouse who loves to read? These characters and many more can be found in The Complete Stories of Beatrix Potter. An invitation to a world where small animals are the protagonists. 

Thanks to Potter, your reading time with your little princess will be as sweet as it is fun. The delicacy of the drawings, the details in the costumes of the characters and the beautifully coloured landscapes make this book a treasure to be read over and over again.

The creation of the alphabet, the spots on the skin of the leopard or the elephant's trunk have a more amusing explanation than we may think, and reading the book Just so Stories, by Rudyard Kipling, you will be able to discover it. The stories told in the book are as fascinating as they are amusing, and also encourage the curiosity of the little ones. With Kipling's stories we recapture the tenderness of reading a bedtime story, while at the same time providing a wonderful journey for the imagination.

Accompanying a cute dove while she' s handing out peace twigs may be the best plan before bedtime. The illustrated storybook Imagine, inspired by John Lennon's famous song, is perfect for reading with the little princess of the house and learning, through drawings and words, values such as respect and tolerance. Who is willing to sing the song after the story is over?

Love for good stories, tenderness and affection are felt on every page of these readings. Stories for you to enjoy with your little girl, and to transmit to her the love of reading.