3 pastimes for when you travel with your child

There are times when, out of hand, become the perfect occasion to share something fun. One of them is when you travel, especially if you travel with your child.

The time of the trip can be boring for your child if he or she doesn't find anything to be entertained with. And when the journey is long, the famous question arises: «Are we there yet?»  This question doesn’t take long to show up. That's why today, at Analogías, we're showing you three games you can share with your little one to make time go by more quickly.

I spy (with my little eye)

You probably remember this game from your own childhood. Who hasn't played I spy (with my little eye)? It's the perfect way of entertaining your child and have a fun time. You only have to choose an object that he or she can easily identify, preferably one that is inside the vehicle, and answer his or her questions so your child can guess what it is. 

The color, approximate location and the first letter of the thing's name are some of the questions allowed. The one who discovers more objects wins!

Word Chain

Is there a funnier game than the word chain? Its simplicity doesn't make it any less entertaining and it's perfect for long trips because you never finish playing. All you have to do is say one word, your child will have to say another one beginning with the syllable that ends the one what you said. 

This way, between words and laughter, not only will the journey be shorter, but you will also be able to teach him or her some new words and test his imagination.

Scavenger Hunt (Find the treasure)

The word «treasure» makes any game even more fun. In this case you tell your little one that you have a magic bag with something in it. He or she will have to ask questions to try to guess what it is. The answers may be more or less complete depending on the child's age.  

From now on, travelling will no longer be synonymous with boredom; choose the game you like better and let your child play in the simplest way.