4 tips to create a fun summer party

Summer is the dream season for the little ones; the perfect time to enjoy warm weather, play outside and have fun like never before. For this reason, organizing a summer party can be an adventure, especially when your daughter is the star of the show. Whether it's for her birthday or just an opportunity to spend the day with friends, any excuse is good enough to celebrate in the summer.

Today, Analogían will share our 4 favorite tips on how to create the perfect summer children's party. Take note and... have fun!

Choose a specific theme

There are many potential party themes, so it is best to think about the tastes of your child. Regardless of whether you have a clear idea of what you’re party should be like, there are a few classics themes that never fail to impress. Combining nature with fantasy stories, for example, can be a lot of fun. In this case, themes of adventurers, sirens, dinosaurs or princesses are as captivating as they are colorful. You can also choose your favorite movie or classic elements like hearts or stars as a theme.

Decorate in an original way

Once the theme has been determined, it is essential to choose the right colors to use for your decorations. Pastel shades combine well with each other and create sweet and delicate decorative designs.

The best kind of decoration is one which your little one can help design to make it more fun. Small details such as wreaths, banners, balloons, and lights cannot be missed. Also, if you want to be practical, you can download printable images from the Internet and glue them onto the bowls and glasses.

Prepare rich and tempting food

Oftentimes, the kids are too busy entertaining themselves with the games to sample some of the snacks you have made.  Therefore, it’s best to create fun yet simple dishes. Examples include ice cream, cupcakes, specially shaped cookies, sandwiches, and tasty natural juices.

Of course, cake and sweets are essential too. And the best way to display them? In a tiny little kiosk along with candies and chocolates! Try to create a fun themed cake, with attention-grabbing colors and original decorations.

Create fun games

The best part of a kids party is the games: gymkhanas, hidden treasures, water balloons and bag races are just a few options. If there is a pool at the party, it would be the ideal opportunity to dress your little one in a beautiful Min Fashion swimsuit.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a party without a piñata! The best part is that you can do it yourself with materials you have at home. Choose a design and follow the step by step instructions of this simple tutorial.

Organizing the perfect party for summer is simple and very fun. If you follow these tips, your little one and their friends will enjoy a special day in which they will be the true star of the show.