Everyday is Happiness Day!

Back in 2013, the United Nations observed the 20th of March as the “International Day of Happiness”. The aim and will to celebrate cheerfulness was global, and the resolution establishing the Happiness Day passed unanimously – even with 193 different nations voting in favor.

The philosophy behind the day is that the “pursuit of happiness” is a basic human right and goal. Everybody can contribute to do great things for the world in order to improve our society, but in Analogias we believe that each one of us can take small actions and steps to personally celebrate joy in our lives. We are strongly certain that if we, as individuals, are happy, the society is happier, better decisions are made and step by step we can build a better world.

So, what can we do, with our daughter, to celebrate the Day of Happiness? Here comes our idea. First of all, talk to your daughter about what the 20th of March means, but also how it is a day that reminds us that we must seek happiness everyday, not only once a year. Then, we would recommend you to comfortably sit down together, take paper, colors, glitter and stickers and write a list of the small things that make you happy everyday.

Is it the flavor of cocoa at breakfast? Perhaps is how mommy’s new perfume smells. Or the special occasions in which mother and daughter share matching outfits. It can be when you sing songs together on the way to school, when you braid your girl’s beautiful hair or even the moment you give each other a sweet good night kiss.

Be creative on your design and truthful on how you feel. You can create separate lists and then compare them, or you can work together in a single one. The important thing about this exercise is that you both realize what is truly special for the other, and from then on, cherish and enjoy these moments together knowing that these instants are unique drops of happiness that light up our days.

Now, let’s go one step forward. Why don’t you create a secret second list together called “Happy Wishes”? In it, you are going to write down these not-so-little amazing things that you don’t get to experience everyday but you would love to have in your life, and that would make each one of you super happy.

The things on this second list can be simple activities that become special moments because you never do them, such as baking cookies together or having an only-girls date where mommy and daughter enjoy a movie in the cinema, a huge ice cream and some fashion shopping. But they can also be beautiful experiences that you might only get to live once. How about a family trip to Disneyland? The objective of the “Happy Wishes” List is to set those activities or experiences as goals, so you and your daughter can spend some time planning them, thinking about the details and making the journey to them as wonderful and exciting as the experience itself.

Get ready to make your lists, and Happy Happiness Day!