Fashion Week Inspiration: Analogias selection

The end of January is always a great shot of inspiration, since the major fashion brands present their Haute Couture collections in incredible shows that go beyond a simple runway. We like to keep an eye on what the great creators have to offer, and we enjoy immersing ourselves into the gorgeous imageries they project.

In today’s post, we want to share with you Analogias’ selection of the best we’ve seen in the catwalk. Whatever that triggers our imagination and our dreams: sometimes it is a single outfit, sometimes the concept of the collection or a wonderful color palette.

Let’s start with the homage to nature that has been present in several (almost the majority) of Houses. In a time when we are concerned about the future of our planet, we surrender to the beauty and delicacy of mother nature. Valentino presented a collection in which each outfit was named after a flower, with suggestive names such as Ninfea, Fiore di Zucca or Chocolate Dhalia, the last one worn by the always iconic Naomi Campbell. Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative designer of the brand, showed a collection where the flowing, voluptuous and opulent gowns dominated the scene in silk and crepé dashing colors.

Chanel has also been close to nature in its creation, and this time Karl Lagerfeld has been able to recreate a true Tuscan villa inside Le Grand Palais, with several levels of gardens with cut grass, real Mediterranean trees and an authentic stone neoclassic pool. The models wore fabulous dresses that went from a modern Marie Antoinette - dresses embroidered with the most detailed flowers and Venetian necks - to leather motor jackets that surprised for their perfect match in the whole collection.

And while Chanel rooted the concept in the Mediterranean gardens, Elie Saab brought everybody to the Caribbean, with amazing gowns that perfectly transmitted the vibrant nature of a coral reef, through colors, shapes, textures and fabrics.

Another trend that we have loved to see is the total empowerment of women. Maria Grazia Chiuri, in Dior, has created a collection with all the magic, mystery and melodrama of the circus, using as a starting point one of the most iconic fashion images of the last century, captured by Richard Avedon: a powerful Dovima dressed in Dior, posing with an elephant in the old Parisian Cirque d’Hiver. The result: a wonderful collection that ended with amazing pleated dresses embroidered with sequins and circus patterns.

Since we are talking about the empowerment of women through fashion, we must talk about the collection that Teresa Helbig has presented in Madrid Fashion week. The Catalan designer has created the look for the modern witch. In her own words “we are recuperating who we all were before patriarchy put all our fierce and feminine powers into the darkness, called them taboo, and then taught us all to be afraid of the dark.” Lets celebrate women who connect and trust in themselves! Helbig’s collection has been a mesmerizing succession of jewel-dresses, one after the other: amazing materials such as marabou feathers, jaw-dropping embroidery and perfect dresses, even one with a glass structure welded by hand.

And finally but not least, we must mention the amazing deconstruction of the traditional kimono with which Jean Paul Gaultier surprised everybody, and the exquisite use of latex that Clare Waight Keller has brought to Givenchy. They have both proven that it is possible to keep the haute couture updated in contemporary times.