The New York and London Fashion Weeks:The looks and trends that gave us  great days of pure unadulterated fashion.

When fashion is lived with passion, its presence is felt regardless of time or place. The low temperatures of New York City didn’t stop us, for the duration of a week, from experiencing a mobilized environment full of fascinating colours, textures, and designs.

 Fashion Week in the Big Apple felt more intense than ever. A mixture of nostalgia and retrogression to decades past, it resulted in a strong presence of denim (combined with more denim), fishnet stockings, velvet and even suit pants which invited us to experiment with different looks where the comfortable and jovial took centre stage.

Midi skirts, many ruffles, jackets and even transparencies in sleeves and shirts made it all too clear that the bohemian look would never go out of style. Although this is comparable to the variety and versatility of prints, which are stepping more and more stronger. Floral prints, geometric shapes, checked patterns and vibrant tones paraded down the catwalk on bold garments unafraid to experiment with colour.

But fashion is not only lived indoors. New York’s street style also inspired by leaving us with vivid memories of colours, risqué numbers and, above all, a distinctly determined attitude. New York’s cold weather inspired fashionistas to wear their best outfits. The classic camel coat, the massive scarf, and a nice warm padded feather coat became a streetwear must, confirming once and for all that the cold can bring out our most authentic side.

London, on the other hand, was not far behind. During its fashion week, the air began to vibrate as fashion lovers waited, impatiently, for the beginning of one of the most glamorous events of the year. The result was an explosion of audacity, extravagance and the most risqué combinations

The ever-present British style, various types of Scottish tartan, as well as stylish synthetic skins, characterized the trends of the event. Footwear surprised us by boldly declaring it was just as important as everything else. Ankle boots, British mules, high strap boots, stilettos in stockings, sandals, and even fleeced slip-ons brought our gaze to the bottom of each passing outfit.

London’s street style confirmed we were in the presence of a much more avant-garde, risqué and extroverted kind of fashion. The bluish, greenish, the reds, yellows and mustard colours were the star of the show. Likewise, the oversized garments, skirts, and asymmetrical details made the streets of the city a real-life catwalk of creativity and design.


New York and London have equally surprised us with the most important next season trends. The sheer variety of outfits, with such diverse colours and textures, fed our inspiration in the best possible way. It is clear to us that fashion is not only lived on a catwalk, but it is also breathed in the open air streets. It is here that you feel in your purest and most natural state.