Gorgeous Ideas For Christmas Decorations

 Christmas time is here, once again, and we are feeling more and more festive and excited the closer we get to the these special days. Christmas is one of the moments that best embody Analogias values: sharing, caring and enjoying together.

And speaking of festivities… do you have everything ready for the following days? All the gifts wrapped, all the menus planned,each outfit on point (check out our exclusive Red Dress for Christmas for a last minute idea!) … And what about Christmas decorations? Giving your home an extra magic touch this time of the year is totally allowed (and mandatory!). And what a better way to do so than working together with your girl to create unique, beautiful pieces to upgrade the festive tone of your place. If you want some really cute ideas, we have a few secrets to share with you. Here come three gorgeous ways to decorate your Christmas table and delight your guests:


Cute Pile of Gifts

Why should all the presents be under the tree? Get some pretty chocolates, candy or small treats and wrap them as tiny gifts. Don’t be scared to combine colors and find the prettiest wrapping papers. And why don’t you and your little girl make personalized name tags for each present? When the dessert time comes, all guests can find their gift and open it.


Christmas Tree Napkins

Another fun way to add a Christmas touch to the table is by turning the napkins into an original Christmas tree. To do so, just follow the simple steps on the picture below or check this video.

We suggest adding more fantasy! You and your daughter can create together small Christmas tree decorations to put on your tree napkin. You can cut out cardboard stars and hearts, and paint them in bright colors and glitter. You can use cute stickers or even customize each tree according to your guests personality or hobbies. Let your little girl play with the decorations and we are sure she will come up with an amazing art piece!


Floating Candles Centerpiece

Finally, our last idea is a magnificent centerpiece with floating candles. For it, we recommend you to get candles that are specially adapted to float on water. You can find them in many places, here’s a suggestion. Then, choose the container that you like the most: a deep bowl, a jar or a vase, they will all do.

Decide with your little girl what kind of Christmas ornaments will be the protagonists of your centerpiece. You can use Christmas tree balls, marbles, pinecones, bells, sequins… Don’t be afraid to use your imagination! Experiment which ones sink, which ones float and combine them with fresh greenery: Christmas holy, pine or mistletoe suit perfectly for the occasion. Once you have found the perfect composition, add the floating candles and let the Christmas magic begin!

What are your ideas to decorate your home for Christmas? Share them in the comments section, we would love to know!