High Luxury Cafés & Hotels

We just can’t get enough of the amazing proposals that fashion brands keep offering us, their consumers. In a time in which fashion is such an important pillar of the contemporary lifestyle, fashion houses are totally aware that the bigger they get, the most they have to offer. So for today’s post, we’ll be talking about a few of our favorite travel and gastronomy-related brand spaces. Here comes a few ultra-chic recommendations for those looking for the best cafés and stay-in experiences!

Café Citron. Image by Higsnobiety

First of all, we want to start with the last proposal that has been shaking all lifestyle, gastronomy and fashion magazines and blogs: Café Citron, by Jacquemus. Featuring singular wooden tables and chairs, gorgeous lemon trees, and sun-bleached Mediterranean terra-cotta pots, the space is the best way to enjoy the South of France flair that has become the unique territory of the brand itself. It has opened in the 60th of the Champs-Elysées Avenue, in Paris, right in the middle of the French fashion epicenter.

Dior des Lices. Image from Tumblr

We won’t be leaving France for our next recommendation: the Dior des Lices in Saint Tropez, better known as the Dior Café. You can find it in the splendorous gardens of the Dior boutique of this glamorous, chic and fashionista city. You will find it open from May to October, the peak season of this dreamlike destination in the Cotes d’Azur. Keep in mind that they offer breakfast and lunch, so do not forget to make your appointment in anticipation if you want to enjoy this one of a kind experience.

But this is not the only café curated by Dior that we can enjoy. Heading to Seoul, South Korea, we can find a Dior Café by Pierre Hermé, the famous French chef and chocolatier. In the middle of the exclusive Gangnam neighborhood, the chef brings an amazing atmosphere and the delicacy of his creations, through which he is able to transfer the whole spirit and history of French couture to the most sweet of the cakes and pastries.

86Champs. Image by Grazia France

Pierre Hermé is not new to the creation of brand-cafés. If we go back to Champs Elysées, in Paris, we’ll find the 86Champs, a Pierre Hermé Café in collaboration with the cosmetic brand L’Occitane. One of the most beautiful spaces in the avenue for sure, now with the fair competition of Jacquemus’ Citron.

Finally, the last proposals we want to point out are related to brands that own hotel and resort chains. Can it get better than this? Some of the most amazing hotels are by Armani and BVULGARI. The Armani Hotel & Resort is a 5 stars retreat right in the middle of Milano, a city that is both home of the Italian fashion and the brand itself. And we can find its twin brother in Dubai as well.

BVULGARI hotel in Beijing. Image by Travel for Senses

And the haute jewelry brand par excellence, BVULGARI, has given birth to a whole chain of hotels and resorts aiming to lead the luxury hospitality in the world. The brand’s timeless glamour and its heritage of magnificent Roman jewelers can be found in the most exclusive selection of cities: Milano, London, Dubai, Bali, Beijing and Shanghai, with coming soon openings in Paris, Tokyo and Moscow.

So… which should we visit first?