How to enjoy classical music with your little one

Do you remember the first song you heard with your little one? Those moments when you both sing together her favorite songs? Music is an essential part of our lives; it helps us express emotions, relax and awaken our senses from childhood.

There is a type of music that offers numerous health benefits for both adults and children; we are talking about classical music; an intense and captivating genre that is able to connect deeply with our feelings and emotions. 

Among the main benefits of classical music for the very young we find: the improvement of their relationship with their environment and their learning capacity, as well as the increase in  creativity. In addition, it allows them to express themselves freely and enhance their emotions

There are different ways to include classical music in your child's life. At Analogias, we bring you 4 key tips to make the experience a wonderful one.

Introduce it from the earliest years

Classical music is often regarded as something exclusive to adults. However, it can be enjoyed at any age. What's important is that your child hears it from the very first years of her life. This way she will get used and curious about sounds and instruments, and her development will be much healthier and more positive. 

Accompany her with creative activities

It's not just about listening to classical music, but also about being carried away by it. Allow your child to unleash her creativity to create new things and to express her mood with each tune. Drawing, dancing and painting are ideal activities to accompany this genre.

Combine different styles

Within the classic genre your little one can find the songs she likes best. From Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker", an authentic ballet piece, to works such as "Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens or the works of Sergei Prokofiev for "Peter and the Wolf",  lively rhythms and quietness are intertwined when these compositions begin to sound.  

Attend concerts for children

There will be nothing more hypnotic and fun for your child than to listen to live classical music and watch the instruments in action. To do this you can attend various concerts such as those offered in: The Royal Albert Hall in London , the Teatro Real de Madrid, El Palau de la Música (Barcelona), or the Smykofonia Foundation (Warsaw).

Choose a song, turn up the volume and let your little one enjoy this great music genre!