Inspiration Calendar for a 2019 full of Matching Fashion!
From Analogias we want to wish you the best for this 2019, and we really hope it is full with love, chicness and beautiful matching outfits! In order to welcome this new year with energy and optimistic vibes, we want to share a surprise with you… we have relaunched our website! Its whole new design is about making it easy for you to find the best clothes for you and your daughter to enjoy fashion together.
Do you want to explore the new site with us? Since we are starting a new exciting year, we have put together our own calendar of inspirations for each month, unveiling which piece of our collection best embodies and triggers this monthly spur.  Are you ready? Lets go! January is all about beginnings. New Year’s resolutions and fresh willingness to accomplish them. For us, January feels like a white canvas for the whole year, in which we can set our goals, dreams and hopes. We like to think White Shirt with Dots, a total must have in a woman’s closet, is the perfect starting point for our creations.February and early March are the months of the fashion weeks, so guess what… couture, inspiration, trends and beauty all around us! These two months burst with creativity and style, and for that we love to celebrate them. What about Analogias’ version of the iconic and fashionable Little Black Dress to match this trendy vibe?  You will probably agree with us, April is, more than any other time of the year, about flowers. Scented, colorful and delicate, flowers have always been one fo the most inspiring forces of nature. You can find all kind flowers in the dresses of our Timeless Collection. Which one is your favorite? In May we can’t avoid thinking of one of the most beautiful, graceful and powerful iconic women ever: the always stylish Audrey Hepburn, born the 4th of May. We celebrate her in our Navy Pencil Woman Dress, a piece that embodies all the glamour and sophistication of a young and contemporary Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
June, July and August really get our summer spirit. Outdoor plans, longer days and a lot of time to spend with your family and friends. The Pleated Tricolor Dress, both for Woman and Girl is the perfect matching outfit for a mother and a daughter eager to enjoy the summertime together! September is a back-to-routine month after summer season, but it is completely free of negative feelings for us. We love what we do and how we create, and we can’t wait to get hands on the atelier again. When it is time to work, why don’t taking a look at our pants collection, to find something more suitable that keeps the elegance and the sophistication at the same time? October and November mean autumn for us, a time of the year that we love because it is the prelude of winter but we still remember the bright, warm rays of the summer sun. What about a dark skirt, to get ready for the cold, but with a surprising golden twist inspired in nature? Try the Black Pencil Woman Skirt with embroidered fireflies, an elegant choice that perfectly suits this change of seasons. And what to say about December? We absolutely love Christmas time! We have said it before, it is one of the moments that best embody Analogias values: sharing, caring and enjoying together. This is why we have created the exclusive Christmas Red Dress, both for mother and daughter
to express the joyful feeling it brings us. What about your year inspirations? We’ll love to read your suggestions!