Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to dance and spin around all the time. Opening her arms like a butterfly, she would spin and spin as she sang her favorite song.

On a sunny morning, the girl thought that to be a real dancer she needed a suitable dress, but where to find it? And she had a wonderful idea: «In Mama's closet! »

While smiling with excitement, the girl looked for the most gorgeous dress among Mom's ones. She searched and searched until she finally found it: a beautiful blue dress that made her think of the sky on summer nights. Its fabric, soft and delicate, glided like sand between his hands.

mom dress

Without a second thought, she tried on the dress, feeling overflowing with excitement. It was beautiful, but there was a problem: it was huge! What could she do about it? While she was thinking, looking for some idea, she heard a few steps, turned around and... oh! she found out that Mom was watching.

The girl smiled and realized that Mom had an elegant paper bag in her hands: a gift for her! She picked it up with emotion and, in a few seconds, she had in her hands a dress almost identical to Mom's... albeit made to measure! Definitely, it was the best gift in the world.

mom and doughter matching dress

That same afternoon, the two of them, wearing their blue dresses, decided to go for a walk in the park and have a snack together. The girl couldn't be happier: she and her mother were wearing the same dress, a dress worthy of great dancers! And so, they spent a tender afternoon amidst sweets and thrills.