Mother & Daughter Selfie Session

Sometimes, we feel like we want to do something very special with our daughter, some kind of activity that turns the day into a beautiful magic memory, and that, at the same time, is good and quality bonding time for mother and daughter. But… how many times do you end up running out of ideas? The secret is finding the extraordinary twist in a simple daily activity. Being able to create a whole adventure out of an ordinary thing can be easier and funnier than it seems.

Since we are entering the beautiful month of May, and summer vibes are right behind the corner, we came up with an idea that will work both indoors and outdoors. Grab your camera, train your best smile and get ready to prepare your own and unique Mommy and Daughter Photoshoot!

Photo from @kweilz

Maybe you are like most moms, always behind the camera and capturing every instant of your little girls life. This is beautiful and can be a lot of fun, but try to involve your girl in the creative part as well! And what can be even more hilarious, allow yourself to pose freely as well!

The point of this activity is, first of all, to share a different moment with your girl: mommy and daughter creating something together. Then, there is also a lot of creation and inventiveness, which is a good activity to push the artistic eye of your girl and her creative skills. Allowing her to take decisions will open a new way for your daughter to express herself. Finally, it is a way to get beautiful memories and mementos, cute photos which can be turned into home decor or a personalized gift to a friend or a loved one. Are we ready?

Photo from @allthatisshe

First of all, let’s take your time to plan the photoshoot. Decide on a concept, on a location and what is the thing you want to express through your photos. Get imaginative! Here we link a couple of our favorite creative mommy and daughter Instagram accounts that might help you with some ideas: @allthatisshe, @everyavenuelife and @kweilz. You can just be pretty, or maybe you want to ad a theme on your pics. How about drawing inspiration from your favorite movie? Or what about recreating a summer fantasy? (Spoiler coming up: if your need for summer is as strong as ours, stay tuned because here in Analogias we are preparing a big surprise for the following days!)

Photo from @allthatisshe

Next step, it is to built the scenario for your photos. Perhaps you just have to find the spot with the best light, or the most distinctive background. Perhaps, you are feeling more daring, and you want to recreate something new. Think of the atrezzo, the composition and the different elements that you want to show in the picture. And then, choose the outfits. Why don’t you let your little girl dress you up? New rule: you have to wear whatever she choses! This can be very fun, and will also help her explore and develop her own fashion sense. Guide her through your closet, and don’t be afraid of the result!

And then it comes the final part: get a tripod, set the timer, and shoot!