The Armani Museum; the true passion for fashion

Fostered by the Fashion Week, Milan has been engulfed by a revolution of colors and textures. The most daring and provocative styles have been the main stars of one of the most important fashion events.

The Milan Fashion Week has been like a real journey through time; wide belts, long gloves and pillbox hats have stolen all the looks. The sixties style of Jackie Kennedy, the former first lady of the United States, prevailed strongly. The color palette moved between roses, greens and oranges filling the catwalk with vibrant and innovative looks.

The print pop art, present in dresses and accessories, as well as the asymmetries and sequins, invited us to think about our own designs and the ability of fashion to surprise at any time thanks to its versatility. Therefore, in search of more inspiration, we visited the Armani Museum, to imbue ourselves with the most transcendent quality and exigency.

 Inaugurated on 30 April 2015, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the firm, the Armani Museum is a space where the passion for fashion can be felt from the very first moment after crossing its doors. As soon as we enter, a feeling overwhelms us; in the atmosphere, we perceive a mixture of dreams and hard work. We get alert, we don't want to miss anything!

Giorgio Armani, one of the most important designers in the world, has created a real exhibition of talent and creativity in these 50,000 square feet. The 600 garments and 200 accessories, distributed over four floors, invite us to pay special attention to the handcrafted work and the exquisite details. Lighting, faint at times, was perfect to enhance every creation.

It is fascinating to admire the haute couture reflected in the hand-made stitches. The technique of embroidery, especially Lunéville, is present in each of the items in the different collections. Also, Italian tailoring is breathed in every step we take.

Garments worn by movie stars, excellent samples of men's tailoring, chromatism and exoticism, which combine exotic and floral motifs, are some of the themes we admire on each floor. These dresses leave us speechless and invite us to dream of the perfect occasion to show them off.

The Armani Museum talks to us about fashion with a capital F and strengthens our passion for clean, sober and elegant designs. Time stops when we stand in front of each piece and we confirm that perfection lies in the details.

We believe in fashion as a way of living life, and the passion we feel for it leads us to seek inspiration in timeless places like The Armani Museum.