Discover our new Statement Collection


In Analogias, we are proud to say that we have always had intention to celebrate femininity in all ages. We love to be part of a woman’s life in each one of its moments and special occasions.

This time, we want to acknowledge the spirit of the contemporary woman with a whole new collection: the Statement Collection.

Blazers are the key garment of the collection, that enhances the power and determination of today’s femininity. This singular selection of blazers has been specially designed to fit in many different types of events in women’s daily life: from work to casual events, with friends, family or on your own; the Statement Collection will make you feel self-confident, chic and empowered.



Let us tell you about our iconic blazer, emblem of the Statement Collection. It depicts the hand sewn portrait of Frida Khalo, the Mexican artist who elevated surrealism to a whole new way of self-ownership and expression.

We have chosen her to represent the intention of this collection because she is an example of a great woman who never stopped creating, not even in her darkest moments.

She was very aware of her own femininity and she was able to face her time with burning love, brilliant willpower and endless imagination.



For us is Frida…

Who is your iconic example to follow?

We offer you the opportunity to customize your blazer with a portrait of your choice, that we will style and turn into a gorgeous fantasy of colorful sequins created uniquely for you.



Each one of our blazers comes with a detachable detail in the shoulder, that you can chose to wear or not, depending on the occasion.

Wear it if you are in a more formal event, where you want to portray a classy differentiation. Or remove to wear it in daily meetings with clients or casual friend encounters, and your look will be more relaxed without losing its sophistication.



Dive into our Statement Collection and discover all of its amazing secrets.

Feel the beauty and enjoy Malhia Kent high quality fabrics.

And also, we have to mention that two of our blazers are, actually, full outfits combined with pants, created specially for this collection.


Tell us what is your favorite!