Real women amazing stories to inspire our girls

Once Upon a Time… there was a girl warrior who was admired for her bravery, adventurous spirit and her fighting skills. She travelled the world riding her mare, defeating dragons with her sword and rescuing princes trapped in towers. How does that sound?

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find this type of bed-time story, in which a girl is so bold and courageous that she needs no hero to save her. But, can’t a little girl be a heroine? In Analogias we strongly believe every girl and woman has everything she needs to become the protagonist of her own story. 

Today, we want to share with you a book that truly inspires us, a book that fills the gap of heroines and female empowered characters when it comes to bed-time stories. We are talking about Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women, written by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo. The title says it all: each book (there are two volumes now) compiles 100 stories of real women who lived their lives following their own will and ambitions, who achieved great things and recognition, and who decided to be the woman they wanted to be. Each story comes with a unique Illustration of the character by a female artist as well, so the book becomes a true piece of art itself.In the book, you will find tales about artists, politicians, scientists or astronauts, as well as queens, opera singers or engineers. Dozens of real role models and their life stories, for girls who are tired to be depicted as the princess of the tower who is waiting for a charming prince. Isn’t the life of Sylvia Earle, the marine biologist who explored the ocean through the night, more interesting? Isn’t the gorgeous Maria Callas, the most renown soprano singer in history, more inspiring than a bored princess waiting in a castle? What about the legend of Yaa Asantewaa, a real African warrior queen who lead an army to defend her people?

One last piece of data that might convince you to share these wonderful stories with your daughter, one per night to fill her dreams with strong women: both volumes have been funded through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, and they broke the site records for fundraising for literature publications! Who dares to say that a woman doesn’t make for the perfect heroine?

On the following link you will be able to purchase both books in a beautiful gift pack. Get ready for some mommy-daughter bonding time together while discovering the amazing lives of truly inspiring, talented and empowered women!