Secret Mediterranean paradises

June is just starting and what once seemed impossible, now it’s finally here: vacations right around the corner!

Have you planned what to do this summer yet? Have you been so busy lately that you have found yourself surprised by how fast the calendar goes? Either if you have everything ready or you are desperately in need of some inspiration, don’t miss the following lines. In this post, we want to share with you a selection of Analogias secret paradise beaches of the Mediterranean sea!

Prepare your sunscreen, your best swimwear selection and a beautiful towel: you need no more for this adventure!


First of all, let’s travel to the coasts of Greece. These landscapes have been inspiring humans since the Classic era: myths and reality blend together in the region of the Olympic gods. With hundreds of islands to explore, you can spend summer after summer in Greece and never repeat a beach, but here comes our recommendation: Sweetwater beach, in Crete.

You might know Crete from the legend of the minotaur and the labyrinth. The whole island is, for sure, one of the greatest Greek treasures. But to find our little beach, you should travel to the south-west corner of the island, where the White Mountains meet the sea. There you’ll find Glyka Nera (Sweetwater Beach), waiting for you with its iridescent colors. Wear your Pink Love Bikini and walk the shores where, it is believed, Aphrodite herself was born.

To reach the beach, you can hike (if you are an experienced explorer) or you can catch a water taxi from Chora Sfakion or Loutro.


Our second secret paradise beach is in France, hidden away between the stunning towering limestone rocks of the Massif des Calanques, in Provence. Find this small piece of marine heaven in your map: Calanques En Vau.

Not far from Marseilles and Cassis, the area attracts a lot of hikers and travelers interested in the wild beauty of this National Park. Take a rocky walk from Port Miou, or a more comfortable boat trip, to find the beach. You will look your best in Analogias Black Pearl Swimsuit: it perfectly embodies the French chicness and simple, natural luxury of the gorgeous landscape.

cala escorxada

Our last recommendation is Cala Escorxada, in the mesmerizing Spanish island of Menorca. While the whole coast of the island is full with delightful caves and small beaches with out of this world turquoise waters, Cala Escorxada is our own secret paradise in Menorca.

Less crowded than closer bays, you can find this beach by following the hiking path along the coast, from Santo Tomas or Cala Mitjana. Don’t be afraid to walk through the old pine forests of the Mediterranean island, a magnificent summer gift is expecting you at the end of the path!

So… are your summer plans changing now? Enjoy a little trip and relax in the shores of this pristine secret paradises!