The creativity of Malhia Kent to match Analogies

There is a place where creativity is the ever-present protagonist; the Malhia Kent Fabric House. 100% French in origin and spirit, its avant-garde maison, passion, and design intertwine for the creation of exceptional attire.

For more than 30 years, Malhia Kent has occupied a privileged position in the fashion industry.

Her audacity and flexibility have allowed her to combine tradition and modernity, giving rise to more than 100,000 unique designs.

Constant innovation is one of her key philosophies: the designers who work for Malhia Kent are continually experimenting and devising new designs which they transform into reality.

Imagination and originality see her creations to make waves every season, including among her most loyal customers such as haute couture firms.

At Analogias, we have strived to combine the universe of Malhia Kent with our own savoir-faire, creating a flattering set of skirts in our “A” line. These limited edition skirts, which exude elegance and freshness, are perfect for your little one.

With its delicate folds, cheerful summer colors and an invisible zipper, this design is the ideal outfit to wear on a relaxed holiday.

At Analogías, we believe in the power of creativity and design, which is why we keep gambling on creations such as these which are capable of demonstrating our authentic passion for fashion.