Three ideas to make this Valentine’s Day the most special

Valentine’s Day is here once again, and we couldn’t be happier. Celebrating and experiencing love in all its facets is as wonderful as it sounds. If you are feeling ready to share special moments with your loved ones but you are missing some inspiration, stop worrying: Analogias is here to help you come up with the best Valentine’s date!

Lets begin with the classic date: you and your husband, fiancé or boyfriend. Whoever he is that gives you love, makes you feel special and makes the time deliciously stop when he stares at you with his smiling eyes. Valentine’s Day can be the perfect occasion to break the routine that our daily lives drag us into. Take time just for the two of you, put on a new dress and imagine it is just like a first date again. Do you feel the butterflies in your stomach yet? (Need help with the outfit? Check out our exclusive Red Sheath Dress!).

Evening might be the best choice. Look for a beautiful, romantic restaurant, the kind of place maybe a friend told you about or you’ve read at some magazine. Probably, somewhere you’d think: that’s to try at a special occasion. Well, what’s better than a Valentine’s date? Enjoying good food in good company is a true pleasure. Our recommendation: Enoteca LaTorre if you are in Rome (don’t miss the unique Art Nouveau interiors!). After dinner, don’t just break the magic of the moment, take a little longer before going back home. A peaceful walk, perhaps? One last drink in a beautiful bar with the right music playing? (Try Tandem Bar in Barcelona for an elegant cocktail experience).

We believe that Valentine’s Day is to embrace love in all its facets, so why not a date with your lovely daughter? Take your little one for a mother and daughter time, let her decide how she wants to enjoy the day with her mommy and, perhaps, she will surprise you. Why don’t you get Analogias limited edition Red Dress Set? Is there a better way to express love between a mother and a daughter than sharing something so precious? Find a cozy place to enjoy some cake or pastries, maybe take some polaroid photos of the two of you together and create a beautiful collage with them and love messages. We strongly believe that a date this special will make your daughter realize how beautiful it is to express and enjoy love. 

Finally, but not less important, what about the love to one self? When was the last time you took a few hours just for you? Which is this plan that you desire but you never find the right moment for? Is it treating yourself at a spa? Maybe visiting an exhibition and losing track of time. Or, perhaps, just pick this book you bought and never started reading, and take it to a nice cafeteria to start diving in it (if you are in London, try Peggy Porschen café or the balcony in Aubaine Selfridges). Don’t forget that focusing and loving ourselves is just as important as taking care of our loved ones. So take our advice and enjoy a Valentine’s Date with yourself!