Women taking the screen, our TV show recommendation

It might seem not so long ago that Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda - the four glamorous New Yorker friends from Sex & The City - were delighting us with their never ending dates and friendship twirls, but it’s been 15 years now of the end of the show. Now, a breaking piece of news has brought surprise to audiences across the globe: Paramount TV has acquired the rights to produce a spin off of the show, following a new released book Is There Still Sex in the City?

What was amazing about this show is that it put an exclusive focus on women and their relations, empowering them and talking to them directly. Charismatic characters and dream-like fashion made it the final touch, and Sex & The City was one of the biggest triumphs of TV.

Nowadays, we are living a revival of the power of the TV - thanks to the streaming platforms - and it has been aligned to the rising of the feminine power. Lucky for us, dozens of new series air every year focusing on women, directed by and to women and liberating girls and ladies around the world from old stereotypes and taboos. In today’s post, we want to share a special Analogias recommendation of two short TV shows to binge watch in a weekend.

Promotional picture for the second season of Big Little Lies (HBO)

The first wonder of our choice is Big Little Lies (HBO), a short serie based on the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty. Starring big names such as Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman (who are both producers as well), Zoë Kravitz or Laura Dern amongst others, the show deserves a whole night up watching the 7 episodes on a row. The mystery of a murder will have you intrigued until the end, and the songs selected for the soundtrack are just sublime. The always stylish women are mothers, workers and live, apparently, perfect lives. The show uncovers secrets and situations that lay underneath the surface, that are real and may be relatable for many as well. One more reason to watch it right now: by the end of June we will be having a new season, with the stellar show of Meryl Streep.

If you like the group-of-friends-adventures kind of show, you might want to give a try to Good Girls Revolt (Amazon), a beautiful recreation of the 60’s turning 70’s and the boost of feminist protests for women rights. The show, which was unfortunately cancelled after the first season but might come back again sooner than expected, follows the daily life of three young women working as researchers at News of the Week magazine. By that time, women where not allowed to become reporters, since that was a role for men. The girls standing against that unfair fact is the starting point of the show. The coolest detail is that the show is based on the real events that took place in the magazine Newsweek in 1969. Thanks to the very different lifestyles that portray each one of the protagonists, we get a glimpse of how life was at that time for American women: we have the liberated, confident, hippy; the traditional, naive, stuck in a relationship because that is what she was supposed to do; and the upper class girl who has her life dictated by her parents and her family name.

Still shot from the first season of Good Girls Revolt (Amazon)

These two shows might awake your hunger for more women stories… feel free to explore! Gypsy, with Naomi Watts; the many-the-awards-winner The Handmaid’s Tale; Feud, with the exceptional performance of Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon; the spooky The Haunting of Hill House; the Spanish ode to the 20’s Cable Girls; the funny wrestling fantasy of the 80’s in Glow; the recently aired comedy of Russian Doll; the powerful visions of politicians in the last season of House of Cards and The Crown; the ironic portray of the millennials in Girls.

What are your favorites?