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Analogias Designer interview by Gmaro Magazine

 Analogias had the great pleasure of being part of the November 2019 issue of GMARO Magazine. The magazine interviewed our Analogias' CEO and Designer Hasmik Danielyan and presented our new Statement Collection.


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Hasmik, where are you from originally?

I was born in Yerevan, Armenia, one of the oldest countries in the world. Then I moved to Spain, where I have been living up to date. Spanish are so open hearted that very quickly I felt home here.


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What is your creative Mantra? Like what do you live by to stay on the cusp as a creative fashion maker? 

My creative mantra is “don’t follow, create your own”.
Living in a world completely overflown by information and references, we are necessarily forced to absorb part of these inputs, but to also value and stand for uniqueness and personality is, in my opinion, the only way to be truly creative.


How important are early references to fashion, music and other culture to your creative process? 

To create fashion is not possible without getting references from music, culture, art… Everything has its impact on fashion, and it has always been the reflection of many aspects of life and its times. For example, my last collection features references to Frida Khalo, who for me is the embodiment of real empowering women. She is someone who, through creativity, made herself be heard, and this is something I admire. Fashion is definitely something that connects the present with the past, but also with the desires and the ways the human being has to see the world. It is, for me, a natural phenomenon that brings together culture, music, art, fashion and all the expressive resources we have to tell stories about who we are and what we value.


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Whos work inspires you to push the envelope creatively and why?

There are many designers and artists that inspire me, but who I really admire as a fashion designer is Ellie Saab. He creates timeless and feminine pieces that are true jewels. I also have to mention Alexander McQueen, a genius in his time, whose career, unfortunately, wasn’t long enough, but he managed to create a shift in fashion that we can still notice nowadays.


What are some of the depths that you need to go to in order to stay in a constant mode of innovative creation?

When working on fashion you always need to keep finding sources of inspiration. My first source of inspiration is my inner world: I am in a constant dialect with myself, which results in new sketches for my designs. Sometimes I repeat this process many times, until I feel that the outcome is aligned to what I wish. Beyond that, I also get inspiration from famous designers, from painters - for me painting is an unlimited source of references -, nature, the countries I visit and their unique color palettes… I believe that, if you look for it, inspiration can be found in almost everything that surrounds us.


What do you feel ties you in personally to your work?

My work is a mirror of myself. I usually say that, for me, it is my second child. There are so many personal feelings in what I do, I think you can’t create without putting your personality and passion to it. Analogias was born with real personal feelings and the wish to share them. This is why our brand motto is “To Share Fashion Together”.


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Fashion Designer: @analogiasofficial

Model: Hera Coll @heracoll3

Photographer: @Irawave

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: @Hairlookstyle

Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director/Fashion Designer: @analogiasofficial