Committed to do well

Zero Waste

Being a contemporary fashion brand, we believe our mission is to push boundaries forward, specially when it comes to sustainability,creativity and expression.

Analogias is highly committed to become a 100% zero waste brand.We collect all the excess fabric scraps from the dresses, and we use them to make beautiful hairbands and other accessories!

Eco-Responsible fabrics

We also reduce our environmental footprint by using innovation and new technology, in form of recycled fabrics such as cupro. This is a regenerated cellulose fiber, derived from cotton linter, which is hypoallergenic, antistatic and regulates body temperature. It is noted for its ability to create beautifully draped clothing with the added benefit of being machine washable.

Responsible Purchase

In order to ensure a supply chain as sustainable as possible, we like to know that our suppliers take social and environmental standards as seriously as we do. From sourcing locally to the way me manage Analogias atelier, we minimize environmental impacts and make sure that all the processes of our dressmaking are safe and fair.

Quality and Sustainability

We aim to keep investigating and testing, in order to develop the best solutions combining quality and sustainability. We are actively working to reduce the use of plastic in our supply chain. However, we have decided to keep working with some synthetic materials, as they increase the durability and comfort of the garments. We create outfits intended to be worn many times over the course of a woman’s life, so we like to make sure that the quality and comfort meet the right standards.

Women Empowerment

Respect is one of the key values in Analogias. Being a company created by a woman for contemporary women, we feel the need for true equality in a daily basis. We like to enhance femininity and link it with willpower and determination.

Benificiary Actions

Whenever there is a chance to be part of a charity project that involves fashion, kids and illusion to make the world a better place, Analogias wants to be there.
This year we have two collaborations: one with AFANOC, an association that works to ensure good life quality for kids with cancer and another one with Asociación Doble Amor de Benidorm, centered in the promotion of intellectually disabled people.